Office Building of the Future

MVC-295XAt M/W International we have noticed a movement to the modular or movable wall office structure. A recent article in Design Intelligence also examines this trend.

According to Jon Pickard and William Chilton in a Design Intelligence article, (October 12, 2012),  “One of the most significant conclusions from the study is that, while the Office Building of the Future will be unique, site-specific, and responsive to its environment, it can be efficiently developed through an advanced system of modular building.”

“An innovative modular system offers the adaptability, efficiency and economy necessary to balance the owner’s business objectives with the well-being and productivity of employees or tenants and the appropriate use of natural resources. Modular construction merges high-tech Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the simple concept that eliminating excess saves money.”

“A modular building system offers significant economic advantages including shorter construction time (due to speed of erection, negligible weather delays and increased structural efficiency) and greater cost control as a result of the following: a highly efficient manufacturing and construction process with an increased number of more skilled workers, fewer subcontractors and reduced overhead cost and material redundancy. The system allows for efficient off-site construction in controlled environments that offers greater tolerances and higher quality control.”

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