ROI & Sustainability


Internal Cable Management facilitates moves quickly and easily because of the built-in electrical, telecom and data systems.

Whether you are re-designing your office environment and layout or relocating to a totally new structure that will need a working plan to accommodate your team, it’s a good time to think about your company’s Return on Investment, Green Initiative, possible health and safety issues with the materials you select and Technical Advantages when using M/W International’s wall systems.

ROI (Return on Investment) and your Economic Considerations 

When companies make the decision to go with movable walls, they are also receiving positive and measurable benefits to their bottom line.  Our wall systems promote larger furniture depreciation schedules, IRS tax write-off under Section 179, and cost saving reconfigurations for perpetually changing office personnel.

Accountants have the opportunity to lower the company’s real estate taxes with walls that are not part of the building structure, qualifying them for furniture depreciation schedules by utilizing a seven year write-off for capital improvements versus 39-year drywall expenditure.  In addition the Internal Revenue Service offers Section 179 real property tax write-off of up to $250,000.

Office reconfigurations are costly, labor intensive and may surrender long lengths of time completing the construction process which directly influences office production.   By reusing the movable wall and furniture systems for take down and re-erect projects, clients enjoy one-third the cost of drywall construction, negating the initial wall costs within the second to third reconfiguration.

Reconfiguration projects with M/W International have become the standard for growing and changing businesses and often result in added expense and disruption. Statistically, according to International Facility Management Association each year, workers move on the average of 40-to-50%, requiring the changing of computers, internet connections, phones, faxes and other office support equipment as well as different space allocations.

M/W has engineered these products to support the networking of specific office environments. The integration of M-Wall, FC-300 and Genesis office furniture is designed to provide unprecedented flexibility and cost savings by making the reconfigurations of cable connections fast and effective.

M/W International, Inc. accommodates today’s integrated office environment by providing all the required multi-user telecommunication outlet configurations as defined in the TIA/EIA TSB75 standards.

According to, “While demountable walls do have an initial $1.50 to $3.00 per square foot premium over standard construction, reconfiguring an office would run about 60 percent less than tearing down and rebuilding a drywall office, which could run $15,000.”   To read the complete article go to

Other considerations:

  • With the up-front budget of the movable wall justified after two moves, large corporate clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the facility.
  • Utilizing superior acoustical isolation, speech and visual privacy can enhance worker productivity while contributing to greater employee job satisfaction.
  • Shorter down time for each facility move (helping the bottom line),
  • Minimize the risk of unfriendly computer dust and debris generated by drywall construction and,
  • Re-using our walls saves natural resources and energy when you don’t have to manufacture more.

Sustainability – Green Initiative

green-leafSustainability is achieved by reusing the existing movable walls already in place to create new working configurations. Over time with reconfigurations less construction debris is making its way to landfills creating a sustainable product and environment. Designing an office space with movable walls is an act that is sustainable and environmentally responsible.

The M/W product is 100% re-usable, dramatically reducing the cost of waste disposal to the environment.  In fact it provides a “clean” remodel in that M/W utilizes non-destructive fasteners on their wall systems, so the product doesn’t leave a mark where it was previously constructed yielding a fresh start when it comes times to move again.  With these movable walls, there is no drilling into adjacent surfaces, smooth floors, or carpeted areas.  It does not damage the area.

Using M/W’s all steel construction will not only save money in regards to a company’s facility budget, but also improves the health of the building.  For installation, the cutting of metal is kept at a minimum or can be completed in outside areas where no inferior pieces can float into the internal environment. Since M/W’s movable wall systems do not use gypsum (aka drywall or sheetrock), this equals a cleaner environment with no dust or debris being introduced into working atmospheres during renovations.

According to national studies, Americans spend more than 90% of their time inside and the environment around them can be high in irritants. These irritants maybe found in the gypsum walls.  Adding today’s efficient HVAC’s, there is a great deal more air movement contributing to the recycling of pollutants into the air brought in from insulation, paint and floor adhesives. In fact, over the last several years, studies have indicated that the office walls, furniture and carpeting can have a negative effect on your employees’ health and the environment. In some cases, it comes down to just the materials used in the walls making your employees sick.  It has been researched that conventional wall systems can contribute to the problem if they emit volatile organic compounds; known as “VOC’s” creating Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) in employee’s nationwide.

M/W International’s manufactured goods do not emit VOC’s.  We use selected products with low to no chemical emissions. This reduces the long-term health care costs liabilities, increases worker productivity and adds directly to the bottom line.

The M/W International product: FC 300 is Green Compliant and certified as a non-polluter of a building’s indoor air. M/W products meet or exceed criteria for allowable VOC’s for workplace environments.

When a company is environmentally proactive it also benefits them to qualify for a minimum of 20 LEEDS points for new and rehab building projects. The use of demountable partitions will award one LEED Point, with up to 20 additional LEED points, to a project’s certification total.

Technical Advantages of Movable Walls

  • Engineered product quality that delivers high STC and NRC ratings.
  • Upscale appearance including glass, fabrics, wood grain and metallic coatings
  • Custom solutions available that include multiple configurations and style options
  • Developed and tested internal cable management (built-in electrical, telecom and data systems) that facilitate moves, add-ons and changes, meaning lower lifetime costs of ownership.
  • We are able to remove cable clutter, offering a cleaner, healthier and aesthetically pleasing location.
  • Skilled installation available.